10 historical events that seem fiction but are tru


This is a wonderful place in the world we live in. The history of the world is filled with many wonderful events. Below we are going to tell you about some of the events that seem to be fiction, but they are true.

1-In 1325 a fierce battle was fought between two opposing cities in Italy, Modena and Bolivia. The battle was fought because of a wooden pond that was stolen by the soldiers of Modena from the wells of Bolivia.

This doll still exists in Modinia today.

2-In 1858, a strange thing happened in London. Due to the hot weather, human and industrial waste accumulated on the banks of the river, causing a very bad odor, which also spread the disease and caused problems in people in their daily work.

3-A British man who emigrated to Australia in 1859 left only 24 rabbits on his land. Due to the lack of suitable weather and predatory animals, the rabbits increased their numbers dramatically. In 1920, about 60 years, the number of rabbits in Australia reached 10 billion. The government spent billions of rupees to get rid of them, but even today the rabbits have not been completely eradicated from Australia.

4- One day from 1871, Rochester, New York to Canada could be seen.

The distance between the two places is about three thousand kilometers. The figure has been named Rochester Crab.

5-During Christmas in 1914, a temporary ceasefire was signed between Germany and Britain. During the temporary ceasefire, soldiers from both sides decorated their fronts with colors, exchanged gifts with each other on Naumens Land. There was also a football match between the soldiers.

It was called the Christmas truce or the Christmas temporary truce.

6-In South Africa, a baboon (anchor) was trained on a railway signal replacement. This baboon named Jack used to get 20 cents a day and half a bottle of beer a week. The baboon originally worked as a pet assistant for James Wide, a disabled signalman. In 9 years, Jack has never made a mistake.

The mayor of the town accepted the challenge and surprised the general by drinking all the alcohol in ten minutes. The general kept his word and left the town with his army.


7-During the religious Thirty Years War fought from 1618 to 1648, a general occupied a town in Germany. At the time of the occupation, residents of the town welcomed and presented a 3.5 liter fine wine to the general. The general challenged the residents of the town that if anyone drinks this pitcher filled with 3.5 liters of alcohol at once, he will leave the town

8-On March 13, 1989, a solar storm cut off power in the Canadian province of Quebec and blackout the entire province.

9-King Edward I of Britain built the largest maneuver of his time, named Warwolf.

The Scots surrendered on seeing this manjunak, but Shah decided to try his manjunak and rained 140kg of rocks and smashed the walls of the fortress of Scots.


10-The 1904 Olympics are called the worst Olympics. The winner of the marathon at the Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri, was Frederick Lorez, who left the race between the marathons. They were going back to the car to get near the winning line and got off the car and started running. Considering them the winner, US President Roosevelt’s daughter Alice Welt painted with them, but was later identified by the administration. Frederick also acknowledged his cheating and called it a joke.





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