1000 times the girls on the knees and the erect girls reached the hospital

Squat Exercise
Squat Exercise

We have always been told that exercise is good for our health, but two Chinese girls have now come to realize that abuse of exercise can be life threatening. On July 10, 19-year-old Teng, from Chongqing, China, challenged his friend to sit and stand on his knees. Teng wanted to see which of the two had more stamina. Teng and his friend started a video call and sat down and got up on their knees together. She wanted to see who stopped before them. The issue got worse when the two took it seriously and continued to sit up despite the power of their legs. The two wanted to sit down at least a thousand times before stopping

Tang’s muscles responded by sitting up too much. The outcome of the race turned out to be quite dangerous. The next day, Teng’s legs were swollen. This usually happens by exercising. The next day, Teng’s legs were swollen but she went to work. On the third morning, her legs were swollen so she realized the fragility of the matter. On the third day, their legs were so swollen that they were not twisted. She somehow reached the bathroom. Going there, they found that their urine had turned black. They were told in the military that it was a sign of a very bad physical condition

Teng immediately arrived at the hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with rhabdomyolysis. It is a disease that can cause death. This condition is caused by the death of the mucous fibers and their contents into the bloodstream.

The kidneys stop working due to the complications caused by it.

Doctors told Teng she was fortunate enough to come to the hospital so quickly. As a young man, his health will recover faster. If it were in older people, the kidneys would stop functioning at all.

Teng telephoned his friend from the hospital and explained his condition as a result of his sitting up, and his friend told him that his condition was similar and that he was in the hospital.





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