5 Tips to enjoy long flights and avoid exhaustion


Long flights have a negative impact on the health of passengers and cause fatigue. There are many flights that take more than 10 hours of sitting in tight seats, low temperature on board, and other factors. Experiments are rather difficult. However, it is not necessary to be exposed to this atmosphere. Today, Nada Badran will give us some simple guidelines to enjoy the flight as much as possible.

1-Book your seat in advance after searching for the best seats on board. Use seat assessment sites such as Seatguru.com to find information about your specific aircraft such as the seats you should avoid, seats that have more space and extra legroom or are located in less noisy areas of the aircraft.

2- Take Long Breath and Speak With yourself that nothing will be happened because when you think good thoughts you will feel freshness.

3-Buy wet incest  Long trips make us feel that we need a warm bath. It is advisable to purchase wet incubators for use during the trip to clean the face, hands and feel refreshed. It is absolutely necessary to sterilize our dining table based on scientific studies as it contains the highest percentage of germs.

4 – buy snacks Due to occasional travel across different time zones, meals may not be served on long journeys at the time you expect, or you may get breakfast at lunch or dinner time. To avoid hunger while waiting for meals, I recommend you buy some snacks at the airport such as nuts or chips so you don’t feel hungry.

5 – reservation of seats with additional space for the feet The extra-legroom seats offer extra comfort, especially on long trips, which is why they have an additional cost. It is customary that the seats near the exit door have the most extra legroom space you can use if you meet the conditions for using them.


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