A 12-year-old student inserted a needle into the Penis tract to get sleep


There can be dozens of ways to wake up to sleep during homework, but no one has ever done something as stupid as a 12-year-old Chinese student. The student inserted a 10 cm metal needle into his urinary tract when he fell asleep. A 12-year-old Shinshi student, who is not named, tried to wake up for homework and inserted a metal needle used in his grandmother’s Amanu’s Acupuncture into his urinary tract. ۔ Soon the student realized that it was no longer possible to remove the needle. It was also difficult for the student to walk. The student’s mother said that her son did not exercise daily after lunch the next day.

When she took her son out, he was walking very slowly, realizing that his son was angry at something.

The boy later confessed to his unusual move.

Immediately upon hearing his son’s confession, the mother rushed him to the local hospital. Doctors at the hospital removed the metal needle. Fortunately he didn’t do much damage. Doctors said this could have caused a lot of damage to the boy.

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