A baby died after her father turned on her while he was sleeping

Baby Died
Baby Died

British girl died after she was put to bed in bed between her mother and father

Lydia Louise Comer was found dead while lying on her right side.

The newborn was taken to the Royal University Hospital in Stoke, UK, where doctors immediately announced her death.

Lydia’s father, Tom Kummer, told police he was lying on his baby in bed, saying there was no “other explanation” for her death.

Kummer described the night of her death in an interview with police, saying he had not planned to put his daughter between him and his partner that night.

At about 3:30 am, I entered the bedroom, and Lydia woke up and started crying.

I took her out of her bed, sat on my bed to feed her, and then put her back into her own bed.”

Lydia began to cry again and put it between me and my wife, my son to sleep.

Tom said that he woke up after a while on Ebony’s scream to find Lydia in her hands as she was not moving at all.

I think I turned on Lydia during my sleep, which led to her death, because there is no other explanation. “I’m a big man. I weigh 114 kilograms.”

In her interview with the police, Lydia’s mother, Ebony-Jade Pearson, said she woke up to find her daughter “blue and pale” and tried to save her life to no avail.

Forensic doctor Dr. Roger Malcomson, who examined Lydia, said there was not enough evidence to confirm that Lydia’s death was caused by suffocation.

However, the doctor highlighted the dangers that come with joint sleep that could cause child death. “Sleeping with parents in the same bed is not a safe environment for children,” he said.



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