A former Playboy model announced his candidacy for the presidency of Croatia.

model Ava Karabatic
model Ava Karabatic

Former Croatian model Ava Karabatic caused a stir on Monday announcing his candidacy for the country’s presidency.

Karabatic, a regular at Playboy magazine and who also appeared in several reality shows, campaigned for prostitution to be legalized in order to keep sex workers safe and raise revenue

But now he has gone one step further and announced that It will run in the elections scheduled for the month of January 2020.

Karabatic, thirty-one, made the announcement on social networks, where he shared several photos of a beach in Italy where he is currently on vacation.

“I have decided that I will run for president,” he wrote. “They have given me many messages of support on Instagram and I thank them for that.

Politics is my second love. I can no longer see how bad things happen to my country.

It’s as if everyone was blind with healthy eyes, our young people leave the country, birth rates decrease, ”he said.

model Ava Karabatic
model Ava Karabatic

I know that I will receive many comments from the trolls because I am a vedette, but that ignores my intellectual side where I am a teacher of Italian language and Roman literature, ”he added.

I wrote an autobiography, a novel, I starred in a film that has been in the cinema for months, and in addition to acting, I also became a painter.

Of course, my artistic skills are not important, my new regime is, the regime of Ava is important. ”


model Ava Karabatic
model Ava Karabatic

His program, described in a blog post shared on his Instagram page, envisages legalizing marijuana and prostitution, “solving the problem of free movement of people”, prohibiting abortion after six weeks of gestation, strengthening the fight against corruption and modify teaching.



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