A National team got 3 points with one goa


In the 2020 European Championship qualifying Group H as shown in your favorite team in Turkey, Iceland and France, had won the match by 12 points in the group. Turkey, took place on goal difference # 2.

2020 European Championship Qualification Group H 3 matches played as a result of the favorite teams lost points. The last World Champion France won 4-1 against Albania, while Iceland did not make a mistake against Moldova and managed to reach a 3-0 win at home.

Our nationalists could not take advantage of many opportunities in the fight against Andorra 89. Ozan Tufan scored 1-0 in the week won by the rivals did not make a mistake and increased the score to 12. Together with these results, France took the first place in the group by average and our National Football Team took the 2nd place. Iceland took the 3rd place. In the next week’s matches, our National Team will play against Moldova on the road, Iceland on Albania and France and Andorra on the field.

Minutes from the match

  1. Umut’un left-wing ball on the front pole turned into the ball in the head kick Yusuf’s head kicked the corner round goalie Gomes.

23.left cross diagonally in the middle of the ball in the middle of the back pole with the touch of the leather round pole Zeki went auta.

33. minutes outside the penalty area, meeting the ball diagonally left of the hard shot of the round goalkeeper Gomes Gomes checked in two moves.

39.Emre’s pas with the ball on the right side of the penalty area in the middle of the ball in the middle of the floor pole touched Zeki’nin touched Cenk. Cenk touched his round leather pole at the touch of auta went.

40. minutes in front of the penalty bow to meet the ball in the penalty area hit the ball goalkeeper Gomes ceded leather round. Irfan Can rotating the ball inside the penalty area grabbed the right cross. Irfan Can’s right diagonally shot into the castle by multiplying the leather round defense went to the corner.

50.Emre’nin out of the penalty area, using the center of the left cross diagonally in the free kick met the ball on the back pole. Caglar’ın faced with the goalkeeper in his overcrowding leather round leather CELD corner kick over the line.

53.Zeki’nin right-wing ball in front of the castle in front of the ball in front of the goal kick round leather round goalkeeper Gomes’te left.

89.Yusuf’s left-hand corner kick on the left side of the castle in front of his head kick went round leather mesh Ozan. 1-0

90 + 1. Yusuf’s right-hand corner kick in front of the castle in front of his head kick round leather goalkeeper Gomes’de Cenk’in left.





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