A tweet cost 10 years in prison…The woman who bothered Erdogan


A tweet cost 10 years in prison .. The woman who bothered Erdogan

A Turkish court on Friday sentenced the leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) in Istanbul to 10 years in prison for “terrorist propaganda” and “insulting the head of state” for tweets and posts on social media.

“She was sentenced to nine years and eight months in prison,” a party official said.

in early July, Janan Kftançioglu revealed several corruption files involving the ruling party in Turkey, especially in the municipality of Istanbul.

The woman, who was instrumental in winning the opposition candidate headed by the mayor of Istanbul, said that “the largest corruption files related to municipalities controlled by the ruling Justice and Development Party, in addition to the misuse of public resources, are exposed and available in the State Treasury Court, and became accessible to citizens And see it. ”

“Corruption can be seen in many examples, such as government companies that have cost the state huge losses, as well as unnecessary expenses and bonuses distributed to companies associated with the ruling Justice and Development Party,” she said.

Kiftanço is one of the most prominent faces of her party, the country’s largest opposition party. She contributed greatly to the electoral propaganda of Akram Emamoglu, the candidate of the winning party headed by the mayor of Istanbul. It also formed tweets on its account on Twitter and other sites to reach a major inconvenience to the ruling party and the Turkish president.

The woman, who lives in her late fourth decade, faces several charges, most notably “insulting the president, the Turkish government and state officials, inciting hatred and hostility and spreading propaganda to terrorist organizations” that could lead to years in prison. Commenting on the accusations, she said in an interview with Al Arabiya.net at the time: “The legal system in Turkey collapsed for years during the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the judiciary turned to a weapon used by the government as a means of intimidating the opposition and retaliation against anyone.

She also stressed that the charges against her by the government “are nothing more than an attempt to make some people pay the price of losing the ruling party to Istanbul, but despite this we continue to oppose.”

Kuftangioglu accuses Erdogan’s ruling party of “making the Turkish judiciary a backyard to settle its political scores.”





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