Agustina Cherri’s boyfriend shared a photo of the actress breastfeeding her baby: “A new beginning”

Agustina Cherri
Agustina Cherri

On the first Tuesday of October, the life of Agustina Cherri and her partner, Tomás “Pepo” Vera changed forever. The actress gave birth to her first daughter in common: Alba Vera. The children he had with Gastón Pauls, Muna and Nilo, also looked forward to the birth of their little sister.

And although Pepo has a very low profile, he wanted to celebrate this new stage as a family via social networks. He shared a tender photo of Agustina breastfeeding the baby and, in addition to being very excited, he dedicated a loving reflection to his girls.

A new beginning, enlightenment, take off to life. It is about anecdotes and it is worth having a good red. A trip from the San Concha, much to teach but much more to learn. Like the sea that always arrives, I understood everything and knew nothing. Thanks for joining us, everyone around us, “said Tomás.

And he ended up encouraging his daughter: “And you, little baby, what can I tell you that your heart does not already know? Thank you for this act of love so real, you are a wild and tender animal. I love you. Vamo ‘, vamo ‘, Alba Vera



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