Ahmed al Fishawi ‘s wife remembers her late mother In-law with a touching story


Almost two months after the death of the great artist Farouk Al-Fishawi, Nada Al-Kamel, the wife of his son Ahmed Al-Fishawi, still remembers him on every occasion she passes, where she recently republished a publication of a fan of the late artist, through her personal account on Facebook, to express her love and pride in it. And good qualities.

The publication was talking about the position of the star welcomed in the consolation of the late artist Mamdouh Abdel Alim, where he protected one of the simple people after the security men tried to keep him away from solace so as not to sit elite, to get the attention of Nada Kamel, which commented on the picture, saying: “Habibi brave

This person who published the publication originally told what happened in the consolation, saying: “I am sorry for the minute I thought of this form .. When Farouk Feshawi died .. Oi Center in the news at what they published, day at night before I sleep first Facebook opened to meet the news Tani in Wuxi .

I thought one minute! And God is accurate .. The Lord may have mercy, but this account Haibkay say true ? The work of many films where scenes are not good and the films are still base and exposed and his son Petfakhr in an episode of the episodes that his father is a legend in the sixes is not possible to come costume ..

In a moment I said our Lord have mercy on all his slaves .. and grew !, I opened my eyes waxing .. Bbos in mobile and great God received the first video face in Wuxi Farouk Fishawi! I opened it! The video received a picture of Farouk al-Fishawi in the consolation of Mamdouh Abdel Alim .. And a simple farmer Raja enters the Izza and restricts security prevented! When he tried to speak with them and understand that it is the municipalities of Mamdouh Abdel Aleem security received it! Elly is one Zik you want to enter the center of artists and celebrities and dignified society

What was from Farouk al-Fishawi, but he rose from his chair .. Pulled the man from his hands from the center of security and his side seated! And the tongue of the case to say I mean, if Vikwa man Yaji Yakhdh from my side .. But this! Without a word ..

The man remained on his feet and says thank you and he is on his leg.

God is great as if our Lord Bguli ruled between you and yourself on the man Imparah huh! Look medicine remained a small need! Perhaps the simple man willingly entered paradise! ”





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