Animal Day: Get to know the curious pet names of the famous

Pet Name
Pet Name

This Friday (10/04/2019), the International Day of Animals is celebrated. In Brazil, the date also reminds the saint of the Catholic Church considered the protector of animals: St. Francis of Assisi.

Many pet tutors end up choosing unusual names to name their pets. And it is so in the world of personalities.

Kim Kardashian, for example, has a puppy named Sushi. She also reported on social networks that picked up another two dogs, called Sakê and Soba.

Kim Kardashian is not the only food-inspired personality to baptize her pets. Actor Adam Sandler put the name Meatball (“meatball”) in his dog. Emmy Rossum christened Peper’s little dog (“pepper”).

Actor Norman Reedus decided to name the cat Eye in the Dark, or “Eye in the Dark.” And Kesha put the name of Mr. Fluffy Pants (“Mr. Fluffy Pants”) to express all the cuteness of her pussy.

Other personalities have decided to pay tribute to characters from series, movies or cartoons.

Singer Ariana Grande named Sirirus Black on one of her dogs. It is a reference to a character from the Harry Potter saga. Actress Anne Hathaway’s dog is named Kenobi, one of the characters in the Star Wars series.



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