Appeared alive April: the 10-year-old girl arrived walking muddy to the house of a neighbor in Punta Indio


April, the 10-year-old girl who disappeared six days ago in the Buenos Aires party of Punta Indio, was found on Tuesday morning at the house of Victoria Agüero, a neighbor of the neighborhood, who arrived walking wet and in her muddy clothes, as reported by police sources.

Agüero and his partner, Emanuel Rivarola, had denounced Magdalena, mother of the child, by default. Just 10 days before his disappearance, April had returned to his house by Justice after living with his grandparents in City Bell. Agüero said, in statements to different media, that both April and his 4-year-old sister had been abused by their stepfather and were systematically abused by their mother.

She and her partner, who claimed to be their “parents of the heart” had even asked for the girl’s guardian but had been denied. This Monday night, due to contradictions in their statements, both had been called upon to extend their investigative statement and were released this morning.

Julio Conte Grand, attorney general of the province of Buenos Aires, confirmed that April is in good health and from now on all the protocols linked to the processes involving minors will be applied. The minor would be transferred to the city of La Plata, where she will be subjected to different studies.

The girl had approached the house of the lady who gave the information of her loss, there may be a point of contact there. This lady declared twice because the first time she spoke she called the attention of the prosecutor, ”said Conte Grand. The prosecutor recalled that the security forces had requisitioned the neighbor’s house, although he did not want to be decisive about what happened during the days in which April was missing. “From now on it can be confirmed or not that there were people who may have been eventually involved in an illegitimate deprivation of liberty,” he surmised.

He was on the beach with his friends and when they left at 10 minutes he came back and said ‘I ran away from my mom with the excuse of looking for a doll'”, Agüero had told in different media, about what happened on Wednesday in the El Pericón beach resort of Punta del Indio. “We stayed there for a little while, when 20 minutes went by and we went home and assumed that she was going for his because he had spent more time than she had to be outside.”

April’s mother, meanwhile, spoke Monday after several days and said in tears that she had no suspicion of what could have happened to her daughter. “I don’t know, I don’t feel anything. This time I don’t know, ”he said and stressed that his daughter is a“ very prepared ”girl, in dialogue with Telefe. When asked if she wanted to give her daughter a message, she replied: “I don’t think he is listening to me or seeing me. She knows everything”.

We do not have hotels, it is not a city place to think that it was in a pension, and with this cold and so much rain in the open? I do not think so. For me, someone held it, ”Alejandra, another neighbor from the neighborhood, told the television mobiles, who also suggested that the house where Agüero and Rivarola live and April appeared, on Calle Fueguinos and El Cielito, was illegally occupied. “Evidently April wanted to leave his house, that’s for sure. These people helped her making the complaint and I think they helped her again to leave. But making it disappear is not the right way, ”he said. “I think she could not have been alone in the open for six days in the middle of a hill.”

I never suspected that April was mistreated. If I saw her weird, I saw them badly groomed, I thought they didn’t live well. I even offered him a bed because I saw they had needs, ”he added.

The complaint for “whereabouts investigation” was filed at the local police station and the Prosecutor’s Office No. 5 of La Plata in charge of Juan Mennucci, of the La Plata Judicial Department, intervened in the case. The Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires and Infantry, Community Police, Mounted Police, Prefecture and Fire Department of Veronica carried out a search “door to door” throughout the area with dogs and from the Ministry of National Security had offered a reward of 2 million pesos for those who provide data that would help them find their whereabouts.





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