Arab tweeters demand the relocation of the Twitter office from Dubai and accuse the UAE of harassing the tweets

dubai twitter
dubai twitter

Twitterers in several Arab countries have launched a hashtag #Twitter_Department_Dubai to ask those responsible for social networking site Twitter to move the regional office of thecompany to a “more democratic” state.

Twitterers criticized Twitter as some said the site no longer respected users’ freedom, accusing webmasters of scanning tweets and accounts whose owners had not violated any of the company’s usage laws or company laws, they said.

Twitterers accused Twitter of providing the UAE government with names and data of tweeters and activists, saying the site had become a “platform for pursuing tweeters” rather than giving them a platform to express their views.

Some said the site specifically targets “anyone who attacks the UAE or posts tweets that criticize UAE policy.”

A number of Moroccans used the hashtag for political purposes and used it as a gateway to criticize the UAE.

The hashtag has garnered more than 48,000 tweets in the past 24 hours.

Hashtag has spread to several Arab countries such as Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as to Turkey.





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