Jared Kushner, will replace Jason Greenblatt as Washington’s envoy for peace negotiations in the Middle East


Greenblatt’s successor .. Studied at a Jewish institute in Jerusalem!

The White House has confirmed that Avi Berkowitz, assistant to senior adviser to the administration Jared Kushner, will replace Jason Greenblatt as Washington’s envoy for peace negotiations in the Middle East.

Media reports revealed the biography of Greenblatt’s successor, who suddenly announced his intention to resign as soon as details of the new US peace plan known as the “deal of the century” were published after the Israeli Knesset elections later this month.

Berkowitz, just 30 years old, is one of the few officials familiar with the “deal of the century” and has participated in several sensitive meetings regarding the administration of President Donald Trump’s policy toward Israel, including negotiations regarding the relocation of the Washington Embassy to Jerusalem. , In his regional tour last February.

Berkowitz, a graduate of Harvard Law School, met Kushner for the first time as a student at Queens College in New York. Of two Orthodox Jewish families in New Jersey. According to media reports, Berkowitz grew up in Lawrence and was educated during his dual studies at a Jewish seminary there, a cousin of former chairman and director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Howard Friedman.

After graduating from the institute, Berkowitz went to Israel, where he studied at the Cole Heturah religious institute in Jerusalem, and then continued his Jewish studies at the College of Rabbis “Nir Yisrael” in Baltimore, America, before moving to Queens College and Harvard to obtain a degree in 2016, In conjunction with his accession to the Trump campaign.

After meeting Kushner, Berkowitz worked under his tutelage at his own real estate company and in his New York Observer, where he sharply criticized anti-Israeli American university students, eventually bringing Trump’s campaign to the position of deputy assistant president.

White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks as saying that Berkowitz’s key role in the Trump administration was limited to small logistical issues such as coffee transportation and meeting coordination.

The former Pentagon’s Middle East adviser, Yasmine al-Jamal, told the British Telegraph newspaper that the appointment shows a “complete lack of seriousness” in the Trump administration’s approach to Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations and Kushner’s total control of the process.





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