Axel Daeseleire and Jess Donckers have sepration now

Axel Daeseleire
Axel Daeseleire

Axel and Jess announced they were a couple in 2016 and had been together for almost a year at that time. However, that relationship now seems to be over. In an interview they told , where he and Sergio Herman talk about the culinary travel program that the two have made together (“Sergio & Axel: Van De Kaart”), Daeseleire expresses that it is over and over between them. After all, he refers to Laura, the daughter of Jess, as his “ex-plus daughter”. He thinks it is a shame that he himself never became a father, but he still likes the girl. “I have seen it with friends and with my brothers, what it does to you to become a father, and I have Laura, my ex-plus daughter whom I love to see. And I now realize that it is something incomparable, having a child. That I might miss that in my life. It is not a poignant wound, I am bursting with contentement. But I didn’t make the most beautiful creation you can make, and that’s a shame. ” He says that any children of him can always report. “A friend of mine who lives on the other side of the world suddenly got an 18-year-old at his door:“ Hello, I’m your son. ”He was efkes of his chocolat, but meanwhile they have a very good band . Well, I really think it would be great if that happened to me. So yes, a small call: anyone who suspects that I am his or her natural father may report. I will reserve a restaurant in advance, and then we will drink pints. ”


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