Because of Israel, a threat from the Iranian authorities deprives the judo player from competing for the world championship


While at the world championships in Tokyo, Moulay said his coach had received two calls from Iranian authorities asking him to withdraw from the tournament to avoid the possibility of confronting his Israeli counterpart Sagi Moki. After receiving the calls, Moulay ignored orders from the Iranian authorities and continued the tournament but lost in the semi-finals, but his fears were even greater as he feared the repercussions of disobeying orders after returning home. “Even if the authorities tell me that I can go back without problems, I will still be afraid, afraid of what will happen to me and my family,” he said in an interview with the World Judo Federation.

Moulaye said his country had asked not to enter the competition but disobeyed orders because he was a “fighter”, adding that he had done everything to start a new life, indicating he would seek asylum in a country.

Iran appeared to have changed its stance on the issue after it sent a letter to the World Judo Federation saying it respected Olympic laws, and stressed that Iranian players had a way to compete with their Israeli counterparts.

After the Iranian player easily crossed two rounds, he was expected to face his Belgian counterpart Mathias Kas in the semi-finals, but his coach received a call from the president of the Iranian Olympic Committee saying that the Iranian security forces visited the home of the player’s family.

Moulay said that had it not been for the psychological pressure he had experienced before the fight, he would have managed to beat the Belgian and reach the final of the tournament.

The Iranian player pointed out that he was aspiring to win the title of the championship after training seriously, while crying behind the scenes after the end of the game, and expressed his sadness for the loss of that opportunity.



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