Belgian Bar Launches Customers’ Shoes to Protect Their Glass


At a Belgian bar, glass theft has increased so much that the owner of the bar has tried to prevent the theft in a unique way. They have begun asking for a shoe.

Tourists coming to Belgium must drink the country’s popular beer. Over time, tourists have become accustomed to taking a glass of beer as a memorial after drinking beer.

Philip Mays, owner of The Beer Wall in Brook, says that in just a year’s time, they stole 4,000 glasses, all of which were valuable. Many of these glasses were hand-designed. They were made just for this beer bar.

A glass of beer costs up to 50 euros or $ 55. Theft of thousands of glasses is a huge loss. For this reason, Philip has taken security measures with the owners of the other bars. Last year, Philip introduced an alarm system, spending $ 5000. This alarm system alerts when a tourist goes out with a glass. Due to this alarm system, 80% of people were caught stealing glass while 20% were people who somehow carried glass out

Others took some inexpensive security measures. Garrett, a one-time owner of Ghent, began demanding a shoe to guarantee beer drinkers. These shoes are kept in a special compartment hanging from the ceiling. Interestingly, this method also fails to stop the thieves as some tourists go out barefoot to carry glass as a memorial.





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