Belgium person sat on a commode for 5 days to set a world record.


Jimmy DeFerney, 48, hails from Belgium. Recently they have set a world record for sitting on a commodity. He sat on the commodity for five days. Jamie broke the record for sitting in the commodity for 82 hours made in 2016.

Guinness World Record did not officially announce Jimmy’s record. According to the Guinness administration, they have no such record category.

Jimmy had heard that a man made a record of sitting on the throne for 100 hours. Jimmy was convinced he could make a better record than that. Jimmy planned to set a commodity record for 168 hours, but he woke up 116 hours or 5 days later. Their body was no longer helping them to sit.

Jimmy was allowed to rise for five minutes every hour to make a record.

They would collect those rest minutes and use them for several hours to go to bed and to the bathroom. During the five days Jimmy slept only three hours.

Although Jimmy could not sit on the commodity for 168 hours, 116 hours is also the highest time in which someone is sitting on the commodity.

Guinness World Record representatives were not present on the occasion, but local authorities have confirmed their record. Sitting on the commode, Jimmy also raised $ 250 for welfare work. They received a fee from people who wanted to make pictures with them, which they would give to a local charity.



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