Bigger 293. The planet’s tallest vehicle on Earth


The Bagger 29 is a masterpiece of German engineering. According to Guinness World Record, the planet is the tallest car on Earth. This great machine is used for coal mining in West Germany. This machine is equivalent to the size of two football grounds in length. The height of this machine is 30 storeys, ie 96 meters or 314.9 feet, 225 meters or 738.2 feet and width 46 meters or 151 feet.

The excavator has a weight of 14200 tons, which means it weighs about 2000 adult elephants. It operates 5 people at a time.

The main purpose of Begger 293 is to dig for coal. There are 18 buckets or buckets to dig with this machine. Each of these buckets can dig up to 15,000 pounds of material at a time. Not only does the Big 293 have a great system for excavation, but it also has a unique conveyor built-in system, which helps to move the excavated material.

This great excavator can dig up so much coal at a time, making it millions of homes’ electricity. There are 2,000 stairs to climb the Big 293. It has a walk of about half a mile at 230 feet elevation. Those working on this machine have to walk about 5 miles inside the machine during a shift.


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