Brazilian gang leader attempts to escape by impersonating his daughter

Brazilian Gang Leader
Brazilian Gang Leader

Brazilian gang leader attempts to escape by impersonating his daughter

A drug smuggler who was sentenced to 73 years in prison in the notorious Brazilian Rodeo Genero prison suffered severe embarrassment while trying to escape by impersonating his 19-year-old daughter. To escape the prison, he wore a cheap mask of silicone and worcheap wig on his head.

42-year-old Claudino da Silva alias Baishenhu (the tall one) has taken an interesting way of getting himself out of jail.Unfortunately, this method did not succeed, as anyone who reads the story of his escape attempt laughs. Tried  Last week, Cladino’s daughter came to visit her father with another woman. The other woman appeared to be pregnant, so she escaped the search.Cladino, the head of the Red Command, Brazil’s largest criminal organization, tried to put his daughter’s mask on and calmly drop everyone’s eyes.

Wearing a silicone mask, wearing a cheap wig, and wearing a white shirt, 42-year-old Cladino arrived at the clearance office and asked for his daughter’s ID card.

The prison staff became suspicious of their anxiety. When they looked carefully, it was discovered that there was someone in front of them, who had cursed the woman. Security staff seized him and slowly removed his mask. Security staff also made footage of the incident, which is causing people to be alarmed.

Claudino’s daughter Anna Gabriel Leandro da Silva could be jailed for 2 years for trying to escape her father from prison.

Authorities are also investigating a woman wearing a mask and wig.

This is not the first time that Cladino has escaped from prison. In 2013 he along with other prisoners tried to escape sewage, like the movie The Poetic Redemption, but was gradually caught.





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