Brazilian Marquezine and Gian Luca Ewbank enjoy RIR romance

Gian Luca Ewbank
Gian Luca Ewbank

Bruna Marquezine and Gian Luca Ewbank, brother of Giovanna Ewbank, enjoyed the romance of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ romance show at Rock in Rio on Thursday night (3). The information is from columnist Leo Dias. The actress and visual artist still left Rock City hand in hand. By late 2018, Bruna and Gian had been singled out as romance.

Bruna Marquezine and Gian Luca Ewbank reunited on the fourth night of Rock in Rio. The actress and the artist exchanged affection and left, in a mood of romance, the City of Rock hand in hand, says columnist Leo Dias, this Friday. (4), after enjoying Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concert in the “VIP Area” box. Still on their way to the music festival, they had a conversation at their ear. At the end of last year, rumors surfaced that Bruna and Gian Luca would be having a romance after enjoying together the birthday party of photographer Elvis Moreira.

Bruna wore a pleated miniskirt look at RIR

In a video recorded by Lucas Gagliasso, Bruno Gagliasso’s cousin, and shared on his social network, the actress and artist appear in the background talking in the VIP area of ​​the rock festival. For the event, Luana Marquezine’s sister bet on a collegiate girl look, with sweatshirt and pleated miniskirt. Earlier this year, Giovanna Ewbank’s brother and Bruna appeared together on video as they celebrated the launch of Títi and Bless’s mother’s TV show.

Marquezine opined on Travis Scott’s alleged betrayal

On the web, images circulate in which rapper Travis Scott would be accompanied by an old school friend, thus betraying Kylie Jenner. In her Twitter account, Bruna blew it out. “Oh no! I no longer have any hope of losing straight men,” she shot, one of the famous Paris Fashion Week fashion show. “It’s not easy, Bru. Bad day for those who believe in love,” agreed to influence Isabela Freitas. “Just shocked by this breath Travis always had another girl before Kylie. Okay, let me explain what I got. Travis apparently dates a girl who was his girlfriend since high school. There are pictures of them from 2011 together.” and she is always accompanying him in everything, even today “, completed the young woman.

Bruna had fun making her age wrong

Away from TV since the end of the soap opera “God Save the King” in July 2018, the actress burst out laughing when she noticed that she made a gaffe during an interview in Milan, Italy. “I gave an interview today and the girl turned to me and said ‘wow, are you only 20 years old?’ I said: ‘no, I’m 23!’ and we had a chat, “reported Bruna, 24.” Arriving in the room now, Henrique (makeup artist) said to me: ‘my angel, you have 24!’ “, he said. “I told a crowd this week that I’m 23!” He added, having a good time, explaining that this is not the first time he was confused.



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