China New Technology Smile To Pay Through the Face Technology

Delta Air Lines reveals their new biometric face-detection technology at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Ga. on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. (Photo by Chris Rank, Rank Studios 2018)

Smile to pay .. Through the face technology

It may be hard for a person to smile when taking money out of his wallet to pay for a commodity, but the Chinese have found themselves forced to smile in front of cameras in outlets to pay with face technology, which has spread rapidly among Chinese cities. In a country where mobile payment is the most sophisticated in the world, people can now only stand at the point of sale in front of cameras, which in turn connect the face image to a digital payment system or a bank account number, according to The Guardian.

The individual in China no longer needs to take his wallet or mobile phone to buy things, as long as his face does not separate him and can not be afraid of theft or forgotten somewhere, to take over the task of buying at any time.

This program has already spread widely around China, where it was often used to monitor people. But authorities have come under fire for using the program to counter opposition, especially in the densely populated region of Xinjiang.

One of the biggest risks is that government authorities are using this data for their own purposes, such as monitoring, pursuing dissidents and monitoring social information,” said Adam Ni, a Chinese researcher at Maguire University in Sydney. “This is certainly one of the most controversial aspects of collecting and using facial recognition data.”

Aside from concerns about information security and privacy, many consumers are not concerned about face-to-face payments in general.

Ali Bai, the financial arm of Alibaba, is one of the leading institutions in this field, deploying its equipment in 100 Chinese cities. We expect strong growth in this sector.

Ali Bai spends billions of local currency to spread the technology, by providing outlets and prizes to consumers who use it.

Tencent, which operates a 600-million-user WeChat app, unveiled in August a new face-to-face payment device, Farouq Pro, as many startups seek entry.

Many industry experts are confident that this technology will spread, especially with the support of large companies operating in mobile payment systems.

At the Ivory Self-Service Center in Tianjin, a 3D camera scans customers’ faces as they enter the center, measuring the width, length and depth of the face, and then conducts another quick scan at the payment process. More than 60% of those surveyed said that scanning their faces made them feel ugly, prompting Ali Bay to pledge to provide all cameras with cosmetic filters.





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