Citizens paid parking challan instead of money for cats’ food

Cat Paid PArking Fine
Cat Paid PArking Fine

Many people find their pets to be excessively dear, while some people leave their pets out of bed within a few days. There are many people and organizations in the world who care about the abandoned animals. Work for One such company is located in the US state of Indiana in Muncie. Muncie Animal Care & Services helps people adopt pets and find new homes for abandoned animals. Munshi Animal Care and Services launched a program in conjunction with the local police. The program was terminated at 4 pm on July 19th. Could do

The cats paid for the fines paid by the citizens were given to Manse Animal Animal Care and Services.

Local police say that if a citizen cannot come and give cats food as a challan, he should call the police, after which the police officer himself takes food from the citizen’s house to Manse Animal Animal Care and Services. ۔

Citizens have to pay invoices only in the form of money after the Munshi Police Department’s offer is over.







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