Donald Trump statement We have not abandoned the Kurds & we help them financially and militarily

Donald Trump statement about Kurds
Donald Trump statement about Kurds

The president of the United States Donald Trump said Tuesday that his country has not abandoned the Kurds after the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops stationed in northern Syria which opened the doors to an offensive of Turkey in the region with unpredictable consequences.

We are helping them financially and with weapons,” he added.

The decision to get the United States out of the “ridiculous endless wars” like the one that sweeps Syria since 2011 had already been advanced at the beginning of the year but on Sunday Trump announced the effective withdrawal of troops in northern Syria, which caused on Monday strong criticism in the international community and especially among the Kurds, Washington’s partners in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS), who were considered abandoned by their allies.

Almost at the same time, Turkey announced that it was ready to initiate an offensive in northeastern Syria to expel the Kurds from the YPG militias, which it accuses of being linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), guerrilla organization that operates within the Turkish borders. Ankara had already done the same in the northwest of the country in 2016 and 2018 with the operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch.

We may be in the process of leaving Syria, but in no way have we abandoned the Kurds, who are a special people and wonderful fighters

Trump said Tuesday on his Twitter account, trying to appease concerns. “We are helping the Kurds financially / with weapons!” “Likewise, our relationship with Turkey, a business partner and NATO, has been very good.

Turkey already has an important Kurdish population and fully understands that although we only had 50 soldiers in that section of Syria, and these have been withdrawn, any unnecessary and unprovoked combat from Turkey will be devastating for its economy and its very fragile currency, ”said the US president.

On Monday, Trump had said that if Ankara did something “overreached

he was going to totally destroy and obliterate Turkey’s economy (I’ve done it before!) Awarning that led to more confusion in the region.

This Tuesday they seem to have lowered their tone and try to reinforce the idea that the link between Washington and the Kurds is still valid.





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