End the hassle by loving the cows for only $ 75 an hour

Cow Love
Cow Love

In Europe, it is common to end the hassle of loving cows, but in the United States, a farm has now provided this facility to citizens. At a New York farm, the administration loves guests for $ 75 an hour. To facilitate

Mountain House Farm is a 33-acre farm in New York. For the past nine years, the farm has helped relieve the problems of its guests with horseback riding and horse riding.

The farmhouse has now purchased two cows so that guests can love the cows as well.

Susanne Woollers, from the Netherlands, runs this farmhouse with her husband. Once he visited his country, he found out about the good effects of lovers’ love for cows.

In European countries such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, it is common for people to cope with cows and reduce mental distress.

Susanne was surprised to learn that there was no such concept in America. That’s why Susanne bought a pair of cows called Bonnie and Bella. Now visitors to Mountain House Farm will be able to love the horses as well as the cows.

Suzanne told CNN that people in the US know about the treatment of dogs and cats, but they do not associate it with large animals, such as cows.

Suzanne said the cow’s heart rate slows down considerably. He also said that while quietly loving a cow, it can also calm you to feel its heartbeat.

Mountain House Farm currently offers one or two sessions of cuddling with cows every day; the number of participants per session can be up to two, and the hourly fee is $ 75. Swelling claims that cows love cats both mentally and physically.



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