Ernestina Pais gave her version of the crash and questioned the traffic officers: “They defamed me!

Ernestina Pais
Ernestina Pais

Ernestina Pais gave her version of the crash and questioned the traffic officers: “They defamed me!

This morning, Ernestina Pais crashed her truck against a car parked in Olivos and, after the incident, she walked away and refused to take the breathalyzer test.

This was reported by the official part that came to the press, where it appears that the journalist “refers to being drunk and having accidentally collided.”

According to information provided by the authorities, the incident occurred at 3.30 am in the intersection of Avenida del Libertador and Espora Street, and everything was recorded by one of the traffic control cameras belonging to the Municipality of Vicente López.

In the afternoon, the driver, who works as a panellist in Intratables, recounted what happened before the cameras of Intruders.

“I’m going to have a mate, and he started,” Ernestina began, saying very calmly, from her home, located a few meters from the accident site.

“Last night I went to a sample of photography. This happened type 2 in the morning, and it happens that the conversation with the traffic agents lasted so long that in that communication it appears that it was at 3 in the morning,” he said, with the minutes in his hand.

This document does not contain alcohol or leak or anything. So the act that is circulating is entirely illegal, “Ernestina complained. “I was coming from the Capital. I took a diagonal called Spore, on the right. When I turn, there I play with a car that is covering the dock. As I came at a low speed, I only touched it. It rained last night if it came fast and made a sudden manoeuvre, overturned the car, “he said. “I didn’t expect that car parked there, because it doesn’t have to be there. I touched it with my front wheel on its rear wheel. It was a silly crash! But the fenders were locked, so I worried about looking for a witness and taking pictures. To send him to insurance. “The driver continued counting.

I got out of the car and, as there was no one, I walked to the Women’s Police Station, which is one block away. When I return, the traffic officers appeared telling me that they had to take me into custody, “he explained.

This was just around my house, how am I going to run away? “Ernestina asked indignantly after telling her that she ended the night crying and receiving mistreatment from the traffic agents.

“I want to make clear the difference between what that information says and what really happened: I am worried about what my mother and my son think. Both I and any citizen have the right not to be slandered, and they slandered me!” he commented.

On the breathalyzer test, Ernestina clarified that it was not done because she was not obliged to do it and that she made the decision after one of the chiefs who approached told her “that it was not necessary for her to do it”. In addition, if there were any doubts, he repeated several times that he was not drunk. “I was a woman, alone, at 2 in the morning, with five traffic officers. I was scared and denied help. It was a crash where there were no injuries, and nothing happened,” he insisted. I don’t know if they recognized me. I do not use my public person to take advantage of anything. I conducted myself like any citizen in a situation that I considered unfair. Also, I don’t find my name to benefit me. I have a clear stance on political matters, and that may be right or wrong for someone. Being me does not help me; sometimes it hurts me, “said Pais. “I consider myself completely innocent. I feel that the traffic agents sent a macana and they are opening the umbrella, it is not good what they did,” he said.


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