European Council President Boris Johnson: Where are you going?

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of manipulating the “future of Europe” by trying to blame the bloc for the failure of Brexit negotiations.

The bet is not to win a ridiculous game of recriminations Polish Tusk wrote in a tweet to Johnson.

The future of Europe and the United Kingdom and the security and interests of our peoples are at stake. “You don’t want an agreement you don’t want a postponement, you don’t want to cancel (Brexit), where are you going?

It emerged today that Johnson’s aides see the ongoing talks with Brussels as “on the verge of failure after German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that an agreement was unlikely if London did not make concessions

The European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier is scheduled to put European Commission members on Wednesday in the form of negotiations with London.

This evening, he will meet with Irish Foreign Minister Simon Covinni on the issue of the border with the Northern Ireland province of the United Kingdom.

Despite this atmosphere, the European Commission refused to talk about the failure of the talks, said spokeswoman Mina Andreeva that technical talks are continuing today as well and I do not see how they fail if they continue today and over the coming days.




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