German company, with the help of the most powerful Glue kept a 17 ton truck in the air for 1 hour.


Yellow is a small German company that makes glue for industries. The company has also created a new world record with its most powerful glue.

The company, with the help of its Gulio, has registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records by hanging a 17 ton truck in the air for 1 hour. Using three grams of volume, a truck weighing 17.5 tons was hung in the air for 1 hour.

The company used an industrial crane and 4 aluminum cylinders to hang the truck. These cylinders were attached to the tires by applying a few drops of DELO MONOPOX glue to the 3.5 cm surface. The truck was suspended in the air for an entire hour, breaking the world record of lifting 16.09 tons of truck from Glue

In the past 12 years, the record for the world’s most powerful glue has broken 7 times. Last time in 2013, a German aerospace center had hauled a 16.09 ton truck from its special glue for an hour.


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