Honor’s Smart Screen Will Have a Pop-up Camera and 8K Support


Huawei’s subsidiary Honor is gearing up to launch its new “revolutionary” smart screen at the HDC 2019 on 10th of August. The company has been hyping up the screen over the past few days by dropping a few details here and there.

Recently, Honor’s president George Zhao revealed some impressive details about the smart screens at the ongoing Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC).


The smart screen will be powered by a Honghu 818 chipset which is developed under Huawei’s partnership with Baidu. The new chipset is not similar to what Huawei and Honor use in their smartphones and is specifically optimized for smart screens. The decoding and computing powers on Honghu 818 are exceptional to ensure top-notch picture and sound quality.

The chipset was already announced by Baidu but this is the first time we will find it being used in any of the devices. Honghu 818 supports the following:

  • HDR
  • Super-resolution (SR)
  • Noise-reduction (NR)
  • Dynamic contrast improvement (DCI)
  • Automatic color management (ACM)
  • Motion estimation motion compensation (MEMC)
  • [email protected] and [email protected] video decoding
  • Up to 64MP image decoding


Contrary to conventional smart TVs, Honor’s smart screen will come with a pop-up camera which will most probably be used for taking images and making video calls. Another unconventional feature being added to the smart screen is facial recognition meaning, users will be able to lock their smart screens.


The smart screen is currently available for pre-orders on JingDong. The website reveals that the smart screen will be available in a standard variant and a pro variant, both coming in at 55 inches.

George Zhao assures us that there are more features to look forward to. We’ll keep you posted on any new details about the Honor smart screen.



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