How to protect a home from thieves? Former burglar tips

Save Home
Save Home

If you think locking all doors and windows and keeping valuables in place is enough to make your home safe, you are wrong. There are still many ways that thieves can steal your home. can. Michael Fraser, a security expert who was also a thief in the past, has offered some tips on how to protect homes. During a program, Michael said that a home calendar may be unimportant to you, but it is important for thieves. Michael says people mark their holidays on their calendars


And hang it near the window of the house. From the window, the thieves find out the days marked on the calendar and find out that the householders will be out of the house on that day. Thieves return only on days marked on the calendar. Michael suggested that if a holiday needs to be marked on the calendar, don’t hang it near the window. Michael added that if you are knocking on the front door of the house, plant both. Michael said that the dog board in the house is not very beneficial.

Michael suggested that as many security measures as possible could be done in the house. He also suggested installing a camera on the doorbell.

Michael said thieves are looking for homes where no security measures have been taken.



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