Ireland’s woman was convicted for the 648th time


Jennifer Armstrong, 44, from Ireland, has a unique but criminal record. She was named one of the most frequent offenders in Ireland. He was recently convicted for the 648th time. Jennifer was released from 16 months in prison a few days ago, two days after she was caught stealing a bottle of drunk wine. Jennifer has in the past been convicted of many crimes, such as stealing, threatening and torturing people. During her recent appearance in court, Jennifer requested the judge “only one last chance,” after which the judge sentenced her to six months in prison.

Jennifer’s lawyer told the court that her client lived a painful life, because of poverty, he committed minor offenses.

At one point she was addicted to both heroin and cocaine, but miraculously she gave up both drugs, nowadays she has alcohol problems.

Jennifer, who is homeless nowadays, has tried to change her lifestyle several times but is forced to follow the same path each time, the lawyer said. His 648th offense was theft of an euro bottle of 8 euros. According to the report, she was drunk while stealing

Jennifer, 44, has spent 27 years in prison behind bars. He has been convicted of theft 88 times and 216 times for public intoxication.

648 times the crime nominations are high but this is 20 times less than the UK’s most frequently convicted criminal. The British offender has been named criminally 668 times. Jennifer’s score could be second in the race for more often the culprit.







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