“I’ve never been married,” the 107-year-old woman told of the secret of her birthday


“I’ve never been married,” the 107-year-old woman told of the secret of her birthday

Many important events took place in 1912. Woodrow Wilson defeated Roosevelt and won the presidential election, the Republic of China was established, and the city’s sinking ship Tank, the same year. That year, Bronx resident Louise Jean Signor was born and still lives today. On July 31, he celebrates his 107th birthday. More than 100 people attended his birthday, according to New York’s News Outlet CBS2. Many local media representatives also gathered at the JASA Barto Community Center in Coop City.

Signor was born in the area of ​​Harlem. She was 14 years old when she moved to the Bronx. She made her home in the Bronx. At 107 years of age, she is living a vibrant life.

Her daily routines include dancing and exercising.

They recently had pneumonia. He never used a wheelchair or breathing apparatus for even a single day, despite taking high blood pressure medicines. For his birthday he did his own shopping.

Talking about the secret of his longevity, Sigonor said he has not been married all his life and that is the secret of his longevity.

He added that Italian food is also the secret of his long life.

One of the secrets of SIGNOR’s longevity can be genetics. Their sister is 102 years old and she is still alive and in good condition. Both of these sisters may be the oldest living in New York.

The world’s oldest woman, Elijah Murphy, is 114 years old now and lives in Harlem, New York. She is also the oldest woman in America.

The reasons for longevity may also include New York water, as Susanah Moshit, who was 116 years old in 2015, was also from New York


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