Japanese ninja student wins final grade to be able to write in secret ink

japani girl
japani girl

A Japanese student studying the history of ninjas who handed over her blank paper got her final grade after her teacher realized that she had written a strange secret ink to mimic the style of ninja fighters.

Student Amy Haga followed the ninja style of writing letters known as “aporidashi” taking hours to soak crush and squeeze soybeans to make secret ink. The words only appeared to the naked eye after the teacher heated the paper on a gas stove.

It’s something I learned from a book I read as a child.I was afraid that the same idea would come to someone else’s mind.

Haga’s interest in the ninja began as a child watching cartoons on television. Ninjas are secret agents and murderers who appeared in medieval Japan.

After attending Mei University in Japan, in her first year of college, Haga attended a lecture on the history of ninjas and was asked to write an article on a visit to the Ninja Museum in the Igario region.

When the professor announced in the lecture that he would give a high score to the creator, I decided to make my article stand out from the others says Haga. I thought hard and I came up with the idea of ​​the Apuridashi style.

That evening, 19-year-old Haga soaked the soybean and crushed it before squeezing it.

She then mixed the soybean juicer with water and it took two hours to get the required concentration before she wrote her essay with a soft brush on the washi (thin Japanese paper).

Once the words of the article dried up, they became invisible. Fearing that the professor would throw the article in the trash Haga wrote a note in plain ink Please heat the paper.

Professor Yuji Yamada told he was “surprised” to see the article.

I have already seen encrypted reports but I’ve never seen reports written in the Apuriyadashi style.”

And rightly I doubted for a moment that the words would appear clearly. But when I heated the paper on the gas stove in my house, the words appeared very clearly and I felt I had a good job.

I did not hesitate to give it the final score – although I did not endorse the article because I think I should leave part of the paper without heating, so that the media can compare the heated part with the other and take a picture says Professor Yamada.

As for the article itself, the student Haga says that she was more interested in style than in content.

I was confident the professor appreciated my efforts to do something creative, so I was not worried about getting a small score, even though the content of the article was not unique says Haga.





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