Japanese restaurant banned Japanese entree

japanese hotel
japanese hotel

A Japanese restaurant has banned entry into its restaurant, refusing to provide services to its fellow citizens. The restaurant will now serve foreign tourists only.

Yaiyama style is a small restaurant in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. These days the restaurant is full of customers.

But the owner of the restaurant, Akiyu Arima, says he will provide service to the Japanese people only for a few days after which he will only serve foreign tourists. Qiu also put a notice for Japanese customers at the restaurant door. , Which imposes that the restaurant will not allow Japanese people to eat there until after September.

The restaurant further wrote that it will now serve only overseas customers. The restaurant has apologized to Japanese foodies every year. The restaurant says it will begin its regular service in October. The ban is attributed to the Japanese attitude toward foreigners. Akyu Arima’s extremist decision has provoked a great deal of controversy in Japan, but Akiyou justifies the decision because of the unpopular attitude of the Japanese people. Akio has apologized for its restaurant by applying the same rules as other people, such as social media users.

There are only a dozen seats in the restaurant. QC has conditioned customers that they will eat a full dish while dining at the hotel, while many people make up even half of a dish. Stand up and eat while many people bring children with them, which is not allowed in restaurants.

Because of these conditions, the restaurant thought that the entry of Japanese people should be banned.

Akio said that people in Japan think that the customer is God, which is why their attitude is not right with the tourists. That’s why Akiyu has banned the Japanese entry into the restaurant

Akio said they have no customers. Only two people came to his restaurant yesterday. Akio says the principle is strictly business-wise, but in a few months they will soften it. Akiyu believes that not all Japanese are bad, so they will allow some people to eat here through membership. It is not yet clear whether the AQUE membership program will begin now or will apply when the general ban expires in October.


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