Joaquin Phoenix’s dirty dragon who is Rooney Mara the actor’s partner

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix

When Bret Easton Ellis asked him why he had accepted the role of Jesus in Mary Magdalene, Garth Davis’s film about the New Testament.

Joaquin Phoenix replied that he was looking for something loaded with meaning he was looking for experience

The writer told The New York Times, two years ago. He was friends with the protagonist, Rooney Mara he added Accepting the role of a figure of global significance came from “pure instinct.”

Who knows if that experience was mystical. In any case, the hunch seems to have been at least the order of love

During filming in Italy, Mara went from being her friend to being her partner. And now that Joker’s success, the Todd Phillips movie, has put him on the front line of fame

The privacy that the two tried to maintain is being lost. It didn’t help that the actor said in August, when he received an award for his career at the Toronto Festival

Here somewhere, there is a disgusting dragon, and I would like to tear his wings tie him with a blanket and sleep with him forever. I love you Thank you”.

The word dragon alluded without difficulty to the role of Lisbeth Salander that Mara played in Millennium

The men who did not love women the Hollywood version of a novel in the Stieg Larsson trilogy.

The part of tearing off its wings and tying it up a little harder to interpret, sounds like pure Phoenix.

Throughout a career of proven talent (On the tightrope, his great portrait of Johnny Cash Her The Master To Die For, The Forest, The Gladiator and Hotel Rwanda among many others) has proved difficult to deal with

The last to check was Robert DeNiro on the Joker set. One of his most important works, the false documentary about himself I’m Still Here, which Casey Affleck directed and the two wrote created an advertising confusion that in 2010 many believed that Phoenix had abandoned acting to start a career in hip hop

The undoubtedly true were the abuse lawsuits both received. Finally an attempt of sympathy ended up offending his audience: in 2014, after faking his commitment to a yoga teacher

He clarified in an interview that he had done it because his life was very boring and people love marriages. I can commit again if you want he added.



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