Joey Heaney Love the emotional alligator “crocodile” of course


The list of animals that provide emotional support or emotional support will surely not make it to the list. Yet a Pennsylvania man hugs a crocodile to relieve stress.

Joey Heaney, 65, started using crocodiles as an emotional support after his doctor’s approval.

Prior to this, Joey had refused to take medicines to ease his stress.The crocodile from which the gamblers seek emotional support is named.

He likes to be hugged and tapped. Someone knows that Wali can eat his arm if he wants but Vali is a gentle crocodile. Joey said that Walleye is just like dogs. She loves to be loved and tapped. Joey said that Wali kept them motivated. The five-foot tall man is currently 4 years old. One day he will become 16 feet tall but a fish. I met a friend from Orlando. Joey’s friend gave him a gift as a wallet.

If Joey had not taken the walleye he would probably have been killed. Joey says that he was suffering from depression, after a few days he realized that living with the wali improves his condition.

The valet has now been registered as an emotional support animal. Joey and Walley go to the park together. Shop together and head to the elderly in a nursing home.

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