Jonathan Dos Santos explodes for Giovani’s injury in the Classic


Jonathan Dos Santos explodes for Giovani’s injury in the Classic

The youngest of the Two Saints sent a message after the spectacular injury suffered by Giovani in the Classic Classics between America and Chivas.

The Eagles of America scored 4 goals for 1 against the Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara in the Classic of Mexican Soccer Classics, in a duel in which the Azulcrema team lost Giovani Dos Santos who suffered a serious cut in the right leg after a strong Antonio El Pollo Briseño’s entry.

The image of the injury of the elder of the Two Saints, could be one of the most spectacular that has been seen in recent years in Mexican football, which is why he was immediately removed by ambulance from the Azteca Stadium, at the time in the that the Los Angeles Galaxy footballer of MLS, Jonathan Dos Santos, exploited through his social networks for the hard entrance to his brother.

On her official twitter account, Jona wrote, “What helplessness to see those images and not be able to do anything … I wish I could say that football is like that but this time it was not so … Much courage and strength brother!

Gio would miss the rest of the tournament

After Briseño’s apathetic entry, Giovani Dos Santos could remain out of activity for the remainder of the tournament. The footballer emerged from La Masía del Barcelona was immediately transferred to a hospital near the Azteca Stadium and the official confirmation of the seriousness of his injury is expected that will keep him away from the courts.





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