Justin Bieber Stardom led me to addiction. My life with Gomez was a prison


Justin Bieber was in an open mood to talk about his personal life yesterday, where he wrote a post on the site “Instagram”, explaining the obstacles encountered in his life.

Bieber, 25, said life was overshadowed by him, and that child stardom left him empty, unprepared for the pressures and responsibilities his success would bring

He said, “It is difficult to get out of bed in the morning every day, and to deal with those around you properly, and you within you feel that life overwhelms you, with your past, your job, your responsibilities, your emotions, your family, your physical situation, your emotional relationships, sometimes you can You reach the point of losing your desire for life. ”

This is not the first time, the young singer has talked about his battle with depression, which accompanied him in parallel with the brightness of his star as a successful singer, and the dream of millions of teenagers.

In 2015, while promoting his album Purpose, he said, “I just want people to know that I am a human being, fighting for the days to pass,” but in the latest Instagram post, Bieber revealed more details about the causes of this mental state, And his inability to deal with his fame.

He said that his escape from the chasm of depression was thanks to the extraordinary love of people, pointing out that his marriage to “Haley Baldwin,” which happened a year ago, is the best that happened to him in his life.

It is not known what prompted Bieber to write such a confession. “Despite all the money, cars, clothes and prizes, I still feel empty,” he said.

Bieber blamed the pressure and responsibility that left him adrift and suddenly pushed him from the world of adolescence to the world of adults. And when you hear that as a young boy, you actually start to believe it, and the truth is that I got to the 18 without skills in the real world, with millions of dollars, and access to everything I wanted, that’s a very scary concept for anyone, and by the 20’s, I made every bad decision I could think of him, and I was transformed from the most loved person in the world, into a disgruntled and disaffected person.

During his early years of success, Bieber was in a relationship with singer, actress and childhood mate Selena Gomez, dating back to 2010 and continuing their relationship until 2017, and acknowledged in his publication that this period was dealing with life “behind bars, as if in prison.





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