Learn about the “bloodiest” serial killer in US history

serial killer
serial killer

The prisoner, Samuel Little, has confessed to killing 93 people, making it the deadliest serial killer in US history, the FBI has confirmed. Police investigations have linked Little, 79, to about 50 murders from 1970 to 2005, and investigations are still underway.

Little has been serving a life sentence since 2012 after being convicted of murdering three women. Officials say Little has targeted the vulnerable, particularly black women, most of whom are sex workers or drug addicts.

Little, a former boxer, used to punch the victim and then if the attacker fell to the ground, strangled him to death.

The FBI says many of these crimes have never been investigated, some of them recorded as deaths from drug overdose or a fatal accident, and some bodies are still missing.

Analysts confirmed Little’s confessions were credible the office said in a statement.

Analyst Christie Palazzolo said in the statement that Little had believed for years that he would go unpunished, because nobody cares about his victims.

He added that the FBI believes that despite being in prison must be justice for each victim, and close as many files as possible these crimes.

The fate of the remaining 43 victims he spoke of is under investigation.

The authorities uncovered information about five other crimes in the hope that they will help people identify the victims.

He aired videos in which the serial killer talks about his crimes and their details.

One of the cases in which the FBI is asking for help is identifying a black transgender.

He said he killed the 19-year-old girl near a sugar cane field and threw her body in the field.

He also narrates that she strangled another woman in 1993 in a hotel room in Las Vegas, and states that he met her son and shook hands with him as well. After killing her, he transported her body in his car and threw it in the city’s suburb

Officials say Little’s accounts are accurate, but he does not remember the exact date, hindering the investigation.

It is not known whether Little will face further charges after his confessions.

Little was arrested in 2012 in Kentucky in a drug case, and was deported to California, where investigators took samples of his DNA, and has a high record of criminality including armed robbery and rape across the United States.

DNA analysis showed his relationship with three murders in Los Angeles from 1987 to 1989. He was acquitted at trial but convicted three times in life, without the possibility of reducing the sentence.




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