Lucas Lucco and bride lose first child: “We hear no more heartbeats”

Lucas Lucco
Lucas Lucco

Singer Lucas Lucco was moved by his followers to reveal that he and his bride had lost their expected son. Even before the pregnancy announcement was made, the couple announced the miscarriage. The countryman reported that the baby’s heart stopped beating with 10 weeks of gestation.

“Thank you my beloved Lorraine. For giving me the happiest ten weeks of my life. Confidence in our heavenly Father’s plans comforts and brings peace to my heart. With the certainty that our gift will come at a time that does not belong to this world, nor to us … that is His alone. I love you and I admire you very much. We are together, waiting for the next perfect days, the next days of fighting… the next days of searching, ”Lucas wrote in the caption of a post showing his wife’s pregnancy test.

The publication, however, caused some strangeness. And many followers began to congratulate the singer for the arrival of his son. Lucas clarified everything in sequence: “Dear ones, I ask you to read the text carefully and with love. Our dear little son stayed with us for ten weeks. We heard the little heart and it filled us with joy. But by God’s will today we no longer hear your heartbeat. It’s a very sad day… but as I wrote, we trust Heavenly Father’s plans. And so be it. Thanks for the affection.”



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