The overwhelming response of Luciana Salazar to those who ask her why her daughter “looks orange

Luciana Salazar
Luciana Salazar

The overwhelming response of Luciana Salazar to those who ask her why her daughter “looks orange”

He is one of the characters of the year in the Dancing, it is clear. In its 2019 version, Luciana Salazar is standing out not for her dances, scandals or her always commented love life, but for surprising everyone with an explosive political profile.

The blonde became a kind of guru in the networks, where the big question is to know how it handles so much information about the country’s current affairs.

But among so many questions that come to Luciana, there is one that strongly caught the attention of Martin Redrado’s ex. On Twitter they wanted to know the reason why Matilda, her daughter, shows off her orange skin.

Without offense, is it like that or is it makeup?”, Asked a follower when he saw a photo that Marcelo Tinelli uploaded, where the little girl appears, who in December turns two years old, next to Dionisio, the son of Flavio Mendoza .

The subject seemed important to Luciana. Instead of ignoring the query and continuing with his life, he decided to answer it bluntly.

“To those who ask me why my baby has that orange color on her skin hahahaha it is because she eats pumpkin every day. But for the gilada I tan it or make up,” Lulipop shot.

It is worth clarifying that Luciana is right in her comment about the pumpkin and the color of the skin, which is due to an excess of consumption of pigments called beta-carotenes, also present in other foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

Increasingly comfortable in her role as a tweeter, Luciana has no filters to comment on the Government and the upcoming elections, much less to defend her daughter.



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