Miley Cyrus spotted kissing Gigi Hadid’s ex

cody simpson
cody simpson

Several weeks ago, Miley Cyrus announced her breakup with Liam Hemsworth. The star could be a couple and she would go out with Cody Simpson!

At the end of the summer, fans of Miley Cyrus learned she had broken up with Liam Hemsworth. This surprised everyone because the two stars were married for over a year. In addition, they always made beautiful declarations of love. Nevertheless, in the privacy, nothing was going on between the two stars. They were no longer on the same wavelength and the actor ended up asking for a divorce.

Liam Hemsworth is not recovering from his break with Miley Cyrus. For its part, the singer has much easier to turn the page. Indeed, just after her separation, she was seen with Kaitlynn Carter. The two women went out together for a little over a month. Nevertheless, the star eventually broke up. It seems she is no longer a heart to take since she would go out with Cody Simpson!


Miley Cyrus does not seem affected by her two love failures. Thursday, October 3, the singer made an appearance in the streets of Los Angeles and she was with Cody Simpson. The latter seemed very close to him since they kissed! The singer and the star had a date but a witness surprised them and shared the photos on the net. Nevertheless, the singer does not seek to hide and she feeds every day the gossip about him!

So, is Miley Cyrus really in a relationship with Cody Simpson? For the moment, the star has not said anything! Nevertheless, the singer already seemed close to her several years ago and he had affection for the starlet. Indeed, he had confided that he found it “very soft, normal and cool. So, can we expect a new idyll? Miley confided several weeks ago not wanting to have any serious relationship ..





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