Observers take insurance policy amid fears of abduction by astronauts


More than 6,000 people have taken out a unique insurance policy. Under this insurance policy, their families will receive $ 1 million in the event that these individuals are abducted by astronauts.

This unique insurance was provided by the St. Lawrence Agency of Altamont Springs, Florida. This insurance policy covers clients abducted by supernatural creatures from exotic locations such as Area 51.

The astronaut has to pay only $ 24.95 or £ 20 to receive a one million dollar kidnapping insurance, after which the insurer will be sent a postal insurance certificate. Also a digital copy of it can be obtained for $ 19.95 or £ 16 insurance.

The most interesting thing about this insurance is the way it is paid.

The insurance company will pay only $ 1 per year for the next 10 to 20 million years for the legacy of those kidnapped by space creatures.

Mike St. Lawrence, owner of the St. Lawrence Agency, says this insurance policy has become quite popular after announcing the closure of Area 51 on a Facebook page.

A Facebook page has created an event, in which millions will speak on Area 51 on September 20.

2 million people have confirmed to go to Area 51. However, the US Air Force has urged people to refrain from this intention

So far, two people have filed a claim for insurance money, Aike said. One person has even sent photos of the space-created polaroid camera. Mike says these individuals will be paid $ 1 annually for the next 10 years, after which the company cancels their contract. US Air Force says Area 51 is the open training range of Air Force and is trained here by the US Armed Forces. Because of this, people think that space is the source of contact with space.



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