Only daughters are born in this Polish village. A couple who has a son will be rewarded.


In southern Poland, near the border of the Czech Republic, is a small village called Miestsa Odzhangskaya. The village administration has announced that they will reward any son-born family. No village has been born in the village for the last 9 years. The youngest boy in the village is currently 12 years old.

No one knows why this is so, but boys are rarely born in Myitsa Odzhangskaya.

The number of women in this village has also increased significantly more than men. There are more than 300 women in this village.

Village Mayor Regmund Freschko recently told Polish reporters that by looking at the historical records and registrar birth certificates, they confirm that the birth of daughters in the village is quite old.

He also announced a reward for the couple, who will have a son.

He said that most of the girls are born in the village while the birth of boys is very low. Why this happens, it cannot be explained.

The village firefighter volunteer chief, Tomasz Gollas, says his staff also has mostly women, who themselves want sons, but according to historical records, the chances of that happening are small.

He said that he came to this village decades ago, he married a local girl, they have two daughters but they still want a son. They think that the women of this village may not have children.

When news of the high number of women in Maiitsa Odzhangskaya went viral in Poland this week, it also attracted the attention of Rafal Plovsky, head of the University of Warsaw’s Department of Medical Genetics.

They say first of all, the parents of the girls should look at each other whether they are from the same race or different. He said that then parents and children should be interviewed so that environmental conditions can also be seen.

Until these questions are answered, the mayor of the village has announced a reward for parents who produce a son in the village. He did not say what would be offered in the prize, but he said the prize would be attractive to the couple.



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