Operation Spring Well: Does the Turkish military operation end the “dream” of the Kurdish state in Syria

Syrian News Headline
Syrian News Headline

Arab newspapers both paper and electronic, have paid close attention to Turkey’s launching of a military operation in northeastern Syria.

Turkish fighter jets and artillery began on Wednesday (October 9th) to bombard areas controlled by Kurdish forces, while Turkish officials confirmed that Turkish forces and their armed opposition allies entered an area east of the Euphrates River.

“Has the dream of the Kurdish state in Syria fallen?”

In the Jordanian opinion, Bassem Sakkha wrote an article entitled “Kurds return to the mountains and let the Turks enter the quagmire.” new”. “Strangely enough, the Arabs stand on the sidelines, even though they know that there is a new occupation of what they see as their land. Sadly, the Kurds are going to be in the first and last.”

Under the headline “Has the dream of the Kurdish state fallen in Syria?

London’s Jerusalem editorial says that the Turkish military operation “has effectively redrawed the first map of the conflict, which is a historical dispute between two parties within the geopolitics of modern Turkey.”

Al Quds asserts that “the PKK’s virtual state attempts have shaken off the geopolitical equations of the region, and if it expresses Kurdish ambition for a state that breaks the Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi (and possibly Iranian) border lines, the global rejection of the declaration of independence of Iraqi Kurdistan in 2017, and then a decision US President Donald Trump withdrew his troops from Syria, two proofs that the party wanted in Syria was real-time, circumstantial and fallable. ”

Mustafa Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish Republic has a saying taught in Turkish universities and schools that ‘entering into wars of crime unless the life of the nation is endangered  and it is certain that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan preserves it by heart, but he An Ottoman refused to take it out.

Erdogan confirms that he is fighting this war in defense of Turkish national security in the face of terrorism, and this is a legitimate right, but not by invasion and occupation, but by dialogue with the Syrian neighbor and under the auspices of the Russian joint ally.”





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