Parents refuse to give their dying daughter to her as his daughter


A 16-year-old Indian girl is desperately waiting for her death due to kidney failure. Her parents refuse to give her a kidney as a girl. Kanchan Kumari is from a village in Sheikhpura. He was admitted to the hospital two months ago when he was seriously ill.

Doctors told Kanchen’s parents that they would have to arrange a kidney for their daughter as soon as possible, in order to be saved.

Unfortunately, none of Kanchan’s parents showed interest in giving him his fall. The only reason parents refuse to give up is that Kanchen is a girl and her suffering does not matter.

Kanchen’s father Ramashare Yadav told a local reporter who told him that she would give a kidney, that she was a girl.

The girl’s mother also took no interest in giving a kidney for her daughter.

The case has gone viral worldwide due to the absence of parents and people have expressed great regret. However, the girl’s grandfather offered a different explanation, saying that giving Kanchan a kidney can create a problem for the survival of the whole family. He would not be able to work with a kidney which would endanger the survival of the entire family.

Doctors say both kidneys of Kanchen stopped working. In addition to kidney transplantation, surgery costs will be around $ 1 million, with no guarantee of survival.

It is a fact that Kanchan Kumari’s family is so poor that they cannot afford the medical expenses of surgery. However, according to Indian media reports, the family has not even attempted to find another donor nor appealed to the government.

Although the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund has helped many similar patients in the past. Instead, the Kanchen family has taken their daughter home so that she can take care of herself.

Kanchan Kumari’s story was published in The Statesman on July 27 and went viral. Many people have offered financial help to Kanchan Kumari but no donor has been made available to him yet.

Kanchan Kumari’s case has once again exposed the condition of Indian woman. According to the Times of India report, many women in India donate their donations, but few women are available when needed. According to data from two Patna hospitals, they have undergone 77 kidney transplantation operations, of which 77% were kidney donated and only 8% were female.






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