Pay close attention to son video games”. Father picked up his son from school


In today’s world, parents around the world worry that their children spend more time on the computer screen or playing games. To build a career in e-sports.

Dave Herzog, 49, is from Sudbury, Canada. He is a business person.

He has been helping his son build a career in e-sports for the past 10 years. Dave himself has been a long time gamer. Dave said that when his son was 3 years old, he gave his son a game controller. They call it the perfect gift. Video’s son Jordan, who was 7 years old, became a very good expert in video games.

At the age of 10, Jordan surpassed the local gamer.

When Jordan won the $ 2,000 prize for gaming, Dave thought Jordan should make a career out of it. Jordan, 16, is now one of the world’s most successful Fort Knight players. Jordan has qualified for the World Fort Knight Championship this year with 200 players from all over the world. Jordan plays Fort Knight 8 to 10 hours a day. He eats food right in front of the computer so he can talk to his teammates and watch YouTube videos. Dave removed Jordan from school last year. Jordan’s mother protested the decision, but it had no effect on Dave.

Dave’s decision has been described by many as an abuse of children. However, Jordan says it takes some sacrifice to earn the reward. As far as Jordan is concerned, he is happy to have the support of a father like Dave. Jordan has so far won $ 60,000 in game contests. Dave intends to invest the money on behalf of his son in a business. Dave thinks Jordan could also receive several million dollars in fame in his e-sports career.


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