Qr Code Scam issue is increasing in China and Malaysia 2019

Qr Scammer
Qr Scammer

Different kinds of deceptions and scammers are emerging today from new ways, and today people are being scammed by these ways.

Now scammers have the initiative to take on quick response(QR) codes to drag more innocent capable customers. Former E-cop Malaysian Quann from a leading cybersecurity service provider company has given some instructions about new fraud and way of scams to the public.

In China With the energetic trend of Wechat and Alipay application in which quick response (QR) codes are used to make friend and payment on shops and online debt. This trend is also becoming famous in Malaysia and Malaysian people using QR Code system in large volume.

Have you seen noticed in restaurants and markets and advertisements and billboards and pamphlet have a mixture of black and white square box.

The mixtures of black and white squares are called QR Code. These QR codes have itself information about business and advertisement and shop and sites. This information you can get through scanning QR with your phone.

Statement of the leading E-Cop Cyber Security service Provider

Scammers put his actual QR codes on the restaurant and business and advertisement and markets and sites. When people want something from these sources they Scammers steal your personal information through QR Code system

Scammers fake QR codes will approach you the suspicious website that looks like a real website and customer will be filling their personal information.

QR Code
QR Code

Owners of restaurant and markets and shop are mandatory to check and keep changing their code within Eight hours.

Because mostly scammed are done with restaurants due to not regular check of QR Codes. The report is issued in china that 55 million Renminbi are stolen through QR code the province of Guangdong because people were using largely QR code system.

China Government and other financial intuitions have issued instructions and policies that Payment through QR will be daily spending limits.

How can we save our self from the Scammersor qr scammer? Quaan has issued the list.

1-Check the QR Code image very Carefully before scanning it is real or fake, or QR code has tampered.

2-If you feel QR code is pixelated or its logo and spelling mistake.

3- Don’t give them personal information after scanning the QR code.

4- You should have very Careful if you are travelling in Trains and Bus and other places. Check the QR code it is printed or fake or call a responsible person and ask that it is real or not.

Quaan has given instructions if you feel any problem or fake thinking of QR scammer code then don’t do scan QR code,

In Malaysia and China people is being Scammed Through QR Codes so Its is duty of owners of Restaurants and other people to secure QR code Keep Changing within 4 to 8 hours as soon as possible to retain customers and safe from hack and scam and scammer of QR code..



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