Salah disowns his defense of Warda and says I am not the one who returned to the ranks of the team


About two months after the famous tweet of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah on accusations of sexual harassment of the Egyptian team player Amr Warda, and this sparked a tornado on social networking sites and the Egyptian arena, Salah commented for the first time in an exclusive interview for “CNN” In response to the question about the controversy raised by this crisis, although it is the reason for the return of Warda to the Egyptian team during the last African Nations Cup, after an earlier decision by the Egyptian Football Association to remove Warda from the team, Salah said: “Absolutely not, because I am not a leader The national team, I I’m not the coach, I’m not the coach, believe me if you’re strong, I could do many steps there, I’m just a player, but they blamed me

Warda should get treatment or rehabilitation, just to make sure that this will not happen again,” Salah said

Salah, through CNN, the next president of the football federation, called for the need to seek to reform many things. He stressed that the Egyptian team players are responsible for the failure of the African Nations Cup of 2019, saying, “We as a team did not perform well during the tournament.”

Salah added that he expected many changes after the election of a new president of the Egyptian Football Association. He added that as a player in the Egyptian national team, speaking about the situation of the rest of the national team he can confirm that “the players are not happy and the reason is due to many things.

Salah is one the best Football player of his country and playing also good leagues well salah said we know we did not perform very well but next we will show our performance.




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