Samsung Galaxy Fold with a new design

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung seems to want you to treat its new Galaxy Fold ($ 2000), which has finally entered the US market … as the star of the smartphone arena.

Preliminary warnings

This could cause potential buyers to feel a bit nervous, especially since they have been waiting for a long time because the device was put off for the first time. The first thing that will come to the attention of the user

when he opens the new and modified version of the phone «Samsung» expensive foldable, which also works for a small tablet.

This is a list of warning instructions.

For example, the company warns you in advance of pressing the screen with a sharp or harsh tool such as a pen or nail or putting it under excessive pressure and alerts you to not to expose the main screen to the adhesive strips and not to remove the protective top layer.

If you decide to ignore these warnings, you’ll find them again on your phone’s screen once it’s set up.

The main reason behind these warnings is that Samsung had to return to the artboard – that is, to the initial dashboard.

After releasing the first version of FOLD in April due to initial evaluation reports of screen fractures and damage. Other. But Samsung returned and used all the units that were criticized after being exclud

At the time, experts who tested the phone removed the protective layer because Samsung did not explain the importance of maintaining it.


Luckily, Fuld’s redesign made it difficult to make this mistake, especially as the protective layer now extends down the edges and edges of the screen as part of improvements to the safety of the device.

Samsung also added plastic covers at the top and bottom of the phone to protect it from sediment that could leak into its chassis.

Unfortunately, the phone still lacks the features of water and dust resistance, which cannot be explicitly understood in an expensive phone like this.



Buying a Fuld phone will provide you with outstanding support. The price of the device, which starts from $ 1980, may seem a motive to discourage buyers,


But Samsung wants you to feel like you are buying a Rolex rather than a Timex.


But despite the high price, the company revealed that the units that were allocated for sale in South Korea and Europe before the United States, had run out, but did not explain the size of the offer.



To justify the high price of the phone and its “mouse” status, Samsung offers buyers exceptional support at no extra cost, allowing them to communicate with trained experts around the clock, through a dedicated phone number or through video chats.


Samsung also says that experts are there to meet buyers wherever they want, in the office, at home or in the coffee shop, at no charge.


In a further incentive, Samsung offers its new phone buyers the opportunity to switch the screen once, even after the first year warranty, for $ 149 (including taxes)


But only if they bought the phone before the end of this year. The company also introduced the Galaxy iPad Bluetooth headphones free of charge with the device, which costs up to $ 129 when purchased separately.






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